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Elegant ~ Creative ~ Affordable

For over 15 years, Levi Catering has catered to a variety of events and people. From elegant and unique weddings, traditional Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, simple sit-down lunches and buffets and everything in-between, we aim to provide you with services that will leave you happy and satisfied!

About Us

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The evolution of Levi Kosher Catering began in the cafes of Samarkand Uzbekistan. The preparation of Kosher cuisine was a major endeavor within the environment. With the demise of the Soviet Union immigration to Israel allowed Levi to continue developing his skills as a Kashrut compliance chef. In Israel, Levi advanced his Kosher preparation knowledge by attending the Israel School of Gastronomy.

In 2001, Chef Levi and his family immigrated to Phoenix, Arizona. It is here his wife Leah began the dream of creating the Levi Kosher Catering Business. In 2002, the first Levi Kosher Catering Business was realized. With Levi preparing Kosher Cuisine and Leah developing reputation with the well-established Jewish community the dream flowered. The quality and service recognition of Levi Kosher Catering grew.

In 2005, Levi Kosher Catering was offered the opportunity to become the exclusive Kosher caterer and restaurant operator for the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus in Scottsdale. While providing Kosher operations at the Community Campus Leah expanded catering and event services. Many of the community and Rabi’s with congregations heard of the food quality and detail to the Kashrut. The spreading reputation resulted in the growth and expansion of Levi Kosher Catering.

In 2016, a change occurred. Leah and Levi discontinued providing services at the Community Campus opting to open their new location eliminating restaurant services, concentrating on Kosher Catering to the Jewish community and commercial request.

Since the restructuring, the growth has continued. In order to meet the various Kashrut interpretations, Levi Kosher Catering has been able to obtain two agency supervision approvals. Levi Kosher Catering provides services under Kashrut Supervision of both VAAD Hakashruth and the Chabad of Phoenix.

In order to achieve the Kosher Cuisine experience, Leah is available to discuss and develop and identify all your Kosher needs. From a family dinner or a large hotel’s Kosher event, Levi’s food taste and quality will impress the most observant Kosher client!

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